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What is the City doing?

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The Des Moines City Council has adopted an Energy Conservation and Environmental Enhancement Policy which provides goals and a number of principles based on the built environment, the natural environment, as well as property management, acquisition, and disposal.

Zero DSP Police Motorcycle

Zero DSP Police MotorcycleIn 2015 the Zero DSP Police Motorcycle will be added to the Des Moines Police Department’s fleet of service vehicles. It is a 100% electric motorcycle that will promote environmental sustainability and is significantly more lightweight and maneuverable than a traditional police motorcycle. These features make it an ideal tool for the patrols of our City’s 76 parks, 45 miles of recreational trails, and over 100 police-supported runs and special events. The Des Moines Police Department will hold the unique position of being the first agency within the Midwest region to utilize the Zero motorcycle.

Sustainability Report:

ducks - image from the 2011 sustainability report coverThis sustainability report outlines the projects that have been completed according to those goals, as well as additional projects that have been completed that follow the principles outlined in the policy. As a result of these accomplishments, the City of Des Moines has reduced its CO2 emissions by 9% (2008-2010). Plans are to reduce emissions by an additional 15% by 2015.

View the Most Current Sustainability Report

STAR Commmunities Program

The City of Des Moines is also a beta participant in the STAR Communities program which helps cities and counties achieve meaningful sustainability through the first national framework for local community efforts.