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Measurable Impact

Nine projects (using paper that contains 30% post consumer waste recycled content, using light-emitting-diode traffic lights, phase 1 of the energy conservation project, use of 5% biodiesel, E85 gasoline, hybrid vehicles, replacing gasoline with diesel engines, using smaller vehicles where possible, and planting trees) have produced the following measurable annual impacts:

des moines street
  • Kilowatt hours of electricity not used: 17.95 Million
  • Fossil fuel not consumed: 51,723 Gallons
  • Carbon Dioxide not released into the air: 5,547 Tons
  • British Thermal Units (heat energy) not used: 620 Million
  • Landfill space not used: 204 Cubic Feet
  • Net Trees Planted, Saved (and removed): 1264
  • Dollars saved: $949,838

These impacts will change each quarter as more projects are implemented and as the impacts of current projects can be measured.